HaGaon HaGadol Rav Moshe Shapiro of blessed memory (1935-2017) dedicated his life to convey the core principles of Torah faith in all its multifaceted dimensions. He once said that Emunah, faith in the Creator, is the heart and soul of his every Torah insight.

The depth and breadth of his creative approach, his profound understanding of Torah wisdom with its immediate relevance to life, and his ability to clarify even the most esoteric concepts are legendary.

For over forty years, he tirelessly gave countless lectures – over thirty each week – in every area of the Torah – Halachah, Aggadah, Kabbalah – to the most diverse audiences. And by his own testimony, he always introduced at least one novel insight each time he spoke.

But he never wrote. He said it would require him to focus on past insights, and he always sought new ones. He was a veritable wellspring of Torah.

The titles available on this site, written over the course of more than 35 years, attempt to capture his insights as accurately as possible with all their subtle nuances and meaning. Sources for quoted texts have been added and concepts have been divided into sections.

In the English version, written by the same author as the Hebrew version, the original Hebrew texts of sources are cited in the margins to accommodate those familiar with the original, and to underscore various inflections in translation.


Talmidim & Family His Endorsement

Letter to Rav Sheinberg His Endorsement


"...And I am aware of your vast toil and expedience to understand the concepts properly and your abundant care in conveying them precisely. In all your learning throughout all the years that we have been close, you have merited... this goodly trait – a boundless quest and wholehearted pursuit to grasp the true meaning of the concepts with accuracy. And this has stood up for you… to achieve the quality of Torah scholars – that the words emerging from your hand have the status of excellence..."(1993).

"...(He) conveys his learning, in this work and in previously published works..., with his wisdom, understanding heart, and unique style…, and lives with these Torah insights, which are his life and constant joy…” (2014).